AIRMaster+ Qualified Specialist Training/Certification

3-1/2-day workshop, Tuscaloosa, AL
111 AIME Building, University of Alabama
May 10-13, 2016

AIRMaster+ is a DOE "Best Practices" software tool that helps users analyze energy use and savings opportunities in industrial compressed air systems. Use AIRMaster+ to baseline existing and model future system operations improvements, and evaluate energy and dollar savings from many energy efficiency measures. AIRMaster+ provides a systematic approach to assessing compressed air systems, analyzing collected data, and reporting results.

DOE and the Compressed Air Challenge® recognize Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialists for their ability to use the AIRMaster+ software effectively with industrial end users. Certification is only open to individuals who have taken Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems (CAC Level 2) and successfully complete a rigorous qualifying exam. Those individuals that have not completed the prerequisite may attend the workshop, but cannot be certified. The workshop presents the software methodology, describes how to collect field data, demonstrates how to enter data, and discusses how to interpret the results.


Mr. Eric Bessey, a compressed air systems specialist, is a Qualified AirMaster+ Instructor. He has more than 22 years of field experience in rotary crew, centrifugal, and reciprocating compressors, and plays a key role in customer site scoping, monitoring, energy analysis, and final post implementation inspection of compressed air system projects. Mr. Bessey developed DOE's AirMaster software tool, and is an instructor with the Compressed Air Challenge®. He continues to develop innovative compressed air system analysis methodologies and modeling techniques, and stays current with the latest equipment in the industry.

Mr. Frank Moskowitz, has an extensive background with over 30 years experience in plant engineering. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and education, including the refrigeration, electrical, plumbing trades. For the past 25 years, Frank has been an associate of Atlas Copco and Draw Professional Services primarily in the auditing, consulting, training and system design fields. His specialty consists of Compressed Air Systems (oil flooded and oil free), Vacuum Systems, Contaminate Removal, System Design and Energy Management. Frank is a compressed air challenge instructor for the Fundamentals and Advanced level of training, an AIRMaster+ instructor and a Department of Energy (energy savings) expert on compressed air systems. Frank is also Vice-Chair for ASME Standard EA-4-2010 "Energy Assessment for Compressed Air Systems"; and is a member of International Standards Organization (ISO) technical committee for Air Compressors and compressed air systems energy management; TC118/SC6/WG4


The current offering is highly subsidized by a Dept of Energy grant and is being offered at the following rate:
Registration (before Apr 25):     $250


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