Recommendation Implementation

Our goal is to help you identify areas where you can save energy and money. The result of our assessment will be a list of assessment recommendations (ARs) and each AR will be justified with a simple payback period economic analysis.

Unimplemented ARs do not save you any money. We want you to implement as many of the ARs as possible. There are some additional resources at The University of Alabama that you can utilize to assist you with implementation of ARs:

Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design Program

The Capstone Design Program (formerly called the Mechanical Engineering Design Clinic) provides engineering design-and-build services for corporate clients. Typically a team of three students, supervised by a Mechanical Engineering faculty member, undertakes a project lasting just over a semester (about five months). There is a nominal flat-rate fee to the client, and the only other expenses are reimbursement for materials, machine shop fabrication, or hardware purchased for the project. There are no charges for engineering design time.
Contact: Dr. Beth Todd,, (205)348-1623

Alabama Productivity Center

The Alabama Productivity Center was established in 1986 and has served to focus University resources on enhancement of productivity and quality in Alabama. The center uses a managed approach to all projects with the center's professional staff ensuring that the projects are managed in a business-like way. The center has performed over 430 projects since its inception, and at any given time the center employs 20-25 students and engages 6-8 faculty members. The APC can provide engineering and business expertise to assist clients with AR implementation using faculty-led student teams for a reasonable fee.
Contact: Mr. Alan Hill,, 205-348-6032