Electric Motor Energy Management Best Practices and MotorMaster Workshop

August 16, 2016 (8:00 - 4:00)
Alabama Power Technology Applications Center
744 Highway 87 North, Building 7B
Calera, AL 35040

Hosted by Alabama Power and Alabama Industrial Assessment Center

(Continental breakfast provided; workshop begins at 8:00am)

1 day workshop. This course teaches attendees how to use USDOE MotorMaster+ software, an energy efficient motor selection and management tool, which includes a catalog of over 20,000 AC motors. This tool features motor inventory management tools, maintenance log tracking, efficiency analysis, savings evaluation, energy accounting, and environmental reporting capabilities. The course includes an enhanced user manual with new reporting methods and efficient predictive maintenance practices

Participants in this workshop will be introduced to the use of Motor Master+ software which was developed by the US Department of Energy. This free software can be used to analyze motor usage data, predictive maintenance information, maintenance history, and provide replacement selections and cost benefit analysis.

Workshop Costs

There is no cost for this workshop, but registration is required.


Register online at https://iac.ua.edu/registration_Motors_2016.php

About the instructor: Gilbert McCoy is an Energy Systems Engineer with the Washington State University Energy Program and serves as a Motor Systems Management Best Practices trainer for the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office. For the past several years, Gil's focus has been energy efficiency in motor and driven equipment, steam, and process heating systems. Gil teaches workshops and has written many publications, including Continuous Energy Improvement in Motor Driven Systems and the Premium Efficiency Motor Selection and Application Guide. He is the designer of both MotorMaster+ and the International Motor Selection and Savings Analysis software tool (used in Europe, Canada, China and Taiwan). He has conducted many industrial energy efficiency, cogeneration, and renewable resource assessments.


1. Overview of Motor Systems: Motor Basics

Motors and their Power Systems
Motor Specifications and Choices
Different Types of Motors
Power and Load Calculations
Motor Efficiency Standards
Efficiency: definitions, standards, relationship to other performance parameters
Motor Performance and Drive System Components

2. Basic Motor System Management

Energy Management Planning
Potential Benefits of an Energy Management Program
Key Elements of Energy Management Programs
The Motor Survey
Screening Techniques
Understanding Utility Rate Schedules
Capturing Efficiency Improvements/Repair versus Replace Decisions
Inventory Management: Premium Efficiency-Ready Spares Inventory
Accelerated Motor Replacement


3. Advanced Motor Systems Management and Electronic Variable Speed Drives

Power Transmission System Efficiency Measures (Belts and Gears)
Matching Equipment to Load Requirements
Adjustable Speed Drives---Principles of Operation
ASD Application Considerations—Static Lift and Circulating Systems
Motor/Drive Interactions (Voltage overshoot, shaft bearing currents)

Lunch (provided)

4. Motor Systems Maintenance

Managing Maintenance
Failures and their Causes
Predictive Maintenance to Foresee and Forestall Failures
Avoiding Failures with Proper Installation, Setup, and Preventative Maintenance


5. Motor Repair

Repair or Rewind Actions that can Change the Efficiency of the Motor
Guidelines to use for Motor Repair and Rebuilding

6. Using the MotorMaster+ Software Tool

Overview of Software Tool Capabilities
Motor Selection Decisions, Economics
Oversized and Undersized motors
Repair versus Replace Analysis

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