Apply for an Assessment

Manufacturers within Alabama are eligible for a free assessment if their facility meets the requirements below. If your facility falls outside this range, or you are unsure, complete the form and get in contact with one of our center directors for assistance.

  • You must manufacture something (SIC codes 20 – 39 / NAICS 31 – 33)
  • You are located within the state of Alabama
  • Your annual energy bills are more than $100,000 but less than about $3.5 million
  • You have less than 500 employees at your site
  • You do not employ an in-house energy professional who could perform this energy assessment


Do you have in-house expertise in energy management?(Required)
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Assessment Procedure

  1. Pre-assessment
    1. Application form is received.
    2. A member of AIAC gets in contact with the client.
  1. Assessment Day(s)
    1. AIAC team will arrive early.
    2. Facility manager/engineer gives a tour of the facility and an overview of the manufacturing process.
  1. AIAC will form a plan, take measurements, and place data loggers on important equipment.
  2. For very large facilities, i-iv may take place over 2 consecutive days.
  1. Post-assessment
    1. AIAC will have 60 days from the day of the assessment to submit a report of findings and assessment recommendations to the client.
    2. AIAC lead student may request additional information through email during the writing of the report, but this is often not necessary.
  1. Reports contain between 5 and 15 individual recommendations for energy savings and efficiency. Each recommendation has its expected savings and implementation costs calculated and explained in detail.


As AIAC reports are funded by the US Department of Energy, certain information about the assessment is publicly available. All utility information and manufacturing processes are kept confidential by the AIAC. Manufacturing information general to the client’s industry will be contained in the report, but any specifics are not recorded in detail. The name and location of the client site is not submitted to the Department of Energy and is not contained within the report.

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