Student Employment Opportunities

Students interested in working for the AIAC should read the information below and contact one of our faculty members. Student employees learn practical engineering skills that are highly sought-after by employers. Students are also exposed to a wide variety of manufacturing and engineering environments through their work for the AIAC.

Student Engineer Responsibilities

  • Students are paid employees
    • undergraduates work 10 hrs/wk
    • graduate students work 20 hrs/wk
  • Visit 3-4 client sites each semester (not more than one per month)
  • Analyze energy saving opportunities for clients visited
    • typically 2-4 recommendations per student for each client
  • Document energy savings opportunities in report format
  • Learn and practice effective teamwork
  • Serve as lead student on an assessment
    • only after making several client site visits
    • lead students have overall responsibility for site visit and reporting

Minimum and Preferred Requirements

  • Students with at least 45 hrs of credit towards the engineering curriculum with a minimum of 3.0/4.0 average (3.3/4.0 preferred).
  • Students must have passed ME 215 Thermodynamics with minimum grade of C (B or better is preferred).
  • Evidence of good communication and people skills.
  • (preferred) Participation in student groups such as ASME, IIE, ASHRAE, etc.
  • (preferred) Students who will be available for 3 semesters. We can work around Co-op semesters

Application Process

Please send an email detailing your interest and qualifications, along with a resume, to one of our faculty members. Please be sure to include local contact information and Campus-Wide ID number so that we can contact you for an interview.

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